Sex addict dating

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Sex addict dating

My sister saved me in those first few months and she was the one who found the Rutland Centre.

There was a very small circle I could talk to and you have to have absolute trust in the people you tell because it is a matter of life or death in this addiction.

The Rutland Centre has seen a rise in the numbers seeking help for sexual addiction.

In 2009, 1 per cent of its clients were treated for sex addiction and that figure has now risen to 5 per cent.

I lost my best friend around this time because I felt judged by her.

Losing her friendship was very painful for me and today we are like strangers.

It was an incredibly lonely time because his sex addiction had to stay hidden to protect our children.

He hadn’t closed down the webpage he had been on and it opened in an email account which he had been using to live a separate life for years.Did I stay during his treatment and see what would happen on the other side, or did I leave him? I put the man I know him to be on one side and the addiction and terrible choices on the other and it always shifted one way.It was so hard to accept that this was an illness, but the way I looked at it, if my husband had been suffering from cancer, I would not have turned my back on him.“Sex addiction brings a very particular set of challenges and trauma and we really felt the need to address it,” says Weldon.“The discovery of the addiction is usually a bombshell.

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Partners of sex addicts go through deep trauma but specialist support services are poor in Ireland.

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