Place to fuck

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If you’ve never experienced nuts roasting on (or near) an open fire, you’re missing out.There are fewer things more romantic than rolling around on a rug, soaking up the warmth of a crackling fire.Bonus points if the balcony overlooks a point of interest or gathering place.Be heard but not seen; let loose those pleasure moans and sneak into the safe shadows of your balcony walls.

You may find that you’re a more adventurous lover than you realize.

Paddle that baby onto a lake and get wet, being mindful not to capsize. Leverage the waves’ natural movements for deeper thrusting.

While you’re on your journey of exploration, you’ll inevitably come upon a few bad apples. No bucket list should include an item that has you crammed into a room fit for Smurfs.

What’s more seductive than Maurice Ravel’s “Sonatine”?

Getting busy on the sleek Steinway while the pianist works through each movement.

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For example, a woman can insert a dildo and have her partner control the movements of it with his thrusting. It minimizes rocking while maximizing the depth of penetration.

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