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It’s against House rules to have sexual relationships with congressional staffers, which is why Hill faced an ethics probe into the alleged relationship with Kelly (which she denies.) Would she have faced the same public humiliation if she were a man? “We would never be allowed to take the victim card the way she’s taken it,” said one young Congressman.

“This doesn’t pass the ‘shoe on the other foot’ test.” Ironically, some of Hill’s closest friends have pushed for strengthening House rules on sexual relationships between members and staffers. Lauren Underwood, who was Hill’s roommate when she moved to D.

She was considered a rising star in Democratic party that was cultivating a young new bench.

The cultural reckoning with sexual harassment has cast a pall over many workplace relationships, and especially those between a boss and a subordinate.

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Millennials are navigating a rapidly shifting landscape of technology, sex, and power: Exit, Katie Hill.

Last year, Hill was one of twenty millennials, most of them women, who won seats in Congress, increasing the generation’s representation sixfold in one cycle and giving voice to the second-largest bloc of eligible voters.

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Technology provides new and humiliating ways to document sexual encounters, and all sexual encounters—especially when they involve a public figure—are now subjected to brutal public dissection.