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I say this because the narrative of My Friend Pedro is at least passingly interested in game violence, and it has more than a few jokes at the expense of players whose minds are purportedly warped by violent video games, and yet – violence is an integral part of this experience.

The game conjures an emotional state which reminded me of Hotline Miami: a confusion over whether the game is meant to be serious and comedic, and a personal introspection about whether game violence is cool, shocking, both, or neither.

But it wasn't until after Victor had worked at Media Molecule for about six years (on Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet 2 and Tearaway) Dead Toast Entertainment would be intended as a full time business.

This game ended up being "My Friend Pedro", a side-scrolling acrobatic platforming shooter lead by Pedro the banana, with heavy inspiration from games like Max Payne and films like The Matrix.

The game was very well recieved and quickly spread across the Internet.

Your character naturally flips and wall jumps with an impressively fluid animation, and you can keep firing your guns as you somersault through the air.

Hitting the left shoulder lets you do a ballet pirouette that dodges all incoming gunfire, and clicking the left stick lets you enter slow-mo which allows an even greater degree of acrobatic movement.

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Killing multiple enemies in a short amount of time starts a multiplier, which keeps compounding as you rack up the bodies.