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Free transgender dating site

I'm not going to say it would be impossible for her to keep me around, but it'd be highly unlikely.

By that logic, we should have no filters at all - and you should just see everyone with no filters at all, which would be a miserable user experience no one would use.If they didn’t mention they were trans then that would be a problem.It seems like it would hurt a lot of trans people’s ability to date and not really effect yours.We can debate or disagree as to if that is wise or fair to omit that, but that is different than arguing that you are entitled to that information.You might argue that a physical disability or a person being trans are major factors for some people in terms of who they’ll date.

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You might even argue that they are major factors for MOST people. My point is: there are loads of factors that someone might consider “major” when it comes to date-ability.