Dating older men sex

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Dating older men sex

To state the obvious, I have a thing for dating older men.

Sure, I’ve had a few boyfriends around my age (Hi Peter! ), but they never stole my breath like the older ones did.

But regardless of your opinion on whether kids are great, they inevitably do make dating a whole lot harder. It’s not that I don’t have a maternal instinct — I do.

When I got married to my ex-husband, I inherited two stepsons. I would love to have children of my own in the future.

But the second I see a well-dressed, distinguished man walking my direction…well smack my ass and call me Judy.

Dating an older man isn’t always a walk in the park (although older men fucking loooooove walking around parks).

Because to most older men, sex isn’t about ejaculation. The female body isn’t just another notch on the bedpost. It has it’s own needs and deserves to be pleased beyond a fast fingerbang or nipple suck.Hell, I even married — and later divorced — a man 17 years my senior (Oh hey Steve).It’s fair to say I’m a bit biased when it comes to age gap relationships. Of course, you still get the crazy wack-jobs that you see in every age group, but generally speaking, older men offer a different perspective into dating.It’s hopefully shaped them not only into being better lovers but better people in general.If your man treats you with respect and love, then there is probably an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife that you should send a hand-written thank you note to.

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When I tell my friends about my past lovers, I see a wave of disgust float across their faces. But in reality, there are plenty of attractive characteristics that come with age. Some are just bonkers and can pound you like a jackhammer for hours.

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