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Best adult sites

For years, mobile visits to websites have been creeping up to surpass those on desktop, but in 2018 those visits reached 58%, according to recent data.

That’s 36 percent less than when more than a million of these attacks were detected in 2017.

In 2018, the total number of page views from mobile devices fell to 42.3%, down from 52.5% in 2017.

Views on desktop rose to 57.7% in 2018, up from 47.5% in 2017.

Mobile devices made up 42% of total time spent online, and bounce rates came in at 50%.

Stone Temple saw a drop in the percentage of total page views from mobile devices versus desktop, but this number is still higher than in 2016.

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Last year, several malware families were configured to search for login credentials on adult sites, but, according to Kaspersky, the most active was the Jimmy Trojan, a lesser known family of malware, which is spread primarily via email spam.

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