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Yielding to the childish behavior of the friend and showing up to the party only reinforces the message that this is appropriate behavior.In the future, the friend will probably continue acting this way because they know it gets them what they want. When we’re faced with an adult tantrum, we don’t always know what to do.Like an overwhelmed parent, our first instinct is to calm the person down and give them whatever it is they need to stop screaming.In the latter situation, your friend didn’t just have a slight overreaction — they had a temper tantrum.They weren’t able to deal with the disappointment of not getting their way as well as being let down, so they chose to passive-aggressively punish you as a way to sate their anger.Your friend is upset that you’re missing the event, and lets their frustrations be known:“You seriously can’t come to my party? ”Later on, after they’ve cooled down, your friend comes and apologizes for their harsh reaction.They may not like it, but they understand why you can’t come.

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Before we discuss how to a very distinct difference: while we all go through temporary periods of anger — and may even say things we regret — an adult temper tantrum shows an inability to cope with negative emotions, and can even be used as a form of manipulation.

Here’s an example of an adult temper tantrum versus regular anger or frustration with a real-world situation: You promised a close friend you’d attend their birthday party but at the last minute, you have to cancel because of a work obligation.

If it’s a friend, sure, but what about a family member? These are people deeply ingrained into our lives, and we may be forced to deal with their behavior for a long time — whether we want to or not. The adrenaline pulsing through our bodies is telling us to fix this, solve it — do whatever we need to do for it to stop.

This is is a mistake — the more emotional you are, the more you’re engaging with the tantrum-thrower. “If the person having a tantrum is on drugs, alcohol, etc.

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