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You know what they say — the best stuff bubbles up in the most unlikely of places.Let your ear remind you of that the next time you’re at a pottery class.There’s a wealth of advice for how to conquer the challenge (sign up for a pottery class! ), but very little literature on how the implementation of these protocols actually pans out.We launched a bundle of earrings earlier this week that we’re calling Swimmer’s Ear but which actually encapsulates the simultaneous difficulty and unlikeliness of adult friendship (albeit in the context of marine life). I might be overreaching but it’s a metaphor — a reminder that the tension of the difficulty and unlikeliness makes for the kind of joy you can only embody with the gift of experience under your belt.A client introduced me to this girl via email as she thought we would get along.Turns out she grew up around the corner from me and our lives have followed very similar paths.According to lore from under the sea, dolphins are smart as hell and very, very social while turtles prefer to navigate the water in solitude, slowly and steadily. The recognition of its rareness, the pursuit of something more. In the spirit of investigating what actually works (no, really!

PLUS, it ends up being good incentive to go to the gym when that’s where your friends are!My mother is almost 70 and made some of her closest friends in the last 10 years, so I know it can happen at all stages of life.My fiancé really struggles to make new guy friends as he feels lame getting in touch with someone on a weekly basis.How did you make your most recent genuine adult friend? I went alone and didn’t know anyone and I ended up meeting her and hitting it off.This past weekend she was the maid of honor in my wedding!

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What did this experience teach you about making friends as an adult?

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